Slide Slide Slide The numbers alone tell a story: Within the Council of Fashion Designers of America, one of the industry’s most prominent trade organizations, only 3% of members are black. Less than 10% of the designers at the last New York Fashion Week were black. And only 15% of the models that walked the runway were black. Source:
Help To Promote
Diversity in Fashion, Beauty & Art
Your donation helps every creative individual has an substantial opportunity to achieve to their fullest potential in fashion, beauty and art industries regardless of their differences. GIVE 2 M.I.C.

Slide Our Mission Help The World provides aid to children in developing countries because we passionately believe that children everywhere deserve opportunity, health and hope. GIVE 2 M.I.C. 1 We Locate children in
need all around the world
2 Donations are collected
for programs that promote diversity in Fashion, Beauty & Art.
3 Minorities and Disadvantaged Diverse Groups in the Fashion, Beauty and Art communities are provided
with assistance, programs and resources that help promote their success.

Slide Our Direct Funds We offer many different funds that provide direct help for specific issues for minority and disadvantaged groups in Fashion, Beauty & Art. M.I.C. BLACK FASHION FUND Donate M.I.C. FASHION FUND Donate M.I.C. I LOVE ART FUND Donate M.I.C. KEEP LEARNING FUND Donate M.I.C. SMALL BUSINESS FUND Donate BLACK FASHION FUND $255 of our $2,500 target has been raised. The idea behind this program is to raise funds that will be allocated as micro grants to selected Black Fashion Designers. Funds will also be used to execute other resourceful programs that will promote the advancement of Black Designers. GIVE 2 M.I.C.