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  • The Fashion industry is valued at well over 3 Trillion Dollars.
  • Just as popular as shopping, people travel worldwide to attend fashion shows.
  • It is a fact that, fashion is a universal language that speaks to many.


There is a lack of opportunities and resources for certain groups to develop a loud enough voice to be heard in the fashion industry.

Though there are so many improvements, diversity is mini- mal on the main stream level of fashion.

There is a need for a variety of accessible resources that can improve the chances for success for
disadvantaged fashion entrepreneurs.

In Fashion Ad Campaigns, less than 30% of the models cast- ed of people of color.

On the main stream level for creatives in fashion, the per- centage of successful brands owned by
minorities even more slim.


The key is to create visible and accessible platforms that connect with what the end users want and need.

To create fashion shows and other kinds of attractive, diverse visual productions to increase fashion brand visibility amongst buyers, media and end users.

To redefine the methodology, messages and target audience used in creating branding and marketing material to promote fashion brands.

”FASHION IS An artform that cannot be confined to a box or outdated rules…Carol Moda